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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

I have been reading all your reviews, thank you for all your feedback. The 50:50 battle odds have been scrapped for relative battle odds and this update includes a fix for a bug which was causing the interface to freeze. Main Updates • New relative battle odds, for example: • 4 vs 1 = 80% chance of victory • 3 vs 1 = 75% etc. • New "Treasure Chest" item. Contains either resources, a knight or a settlement. • Save files now restore "Discovered" areas of the map. • Fixed an issue causing the interface to freeze. • Fixed an issue preventing loading of save files. Minor Changes • Balances to Quests difficulty. • Added "Rally Point" and "Treasure Chests" to the tutorials. • Knights & Castles flash red when taking damage. • Improved computer player decision making. • Minor menu improvements. • Improved German translations (Thanks Niki!). • Improved player power calculations for Power Bar. • Can now use a "long press" to place or remove the Rally Point. • Improved Pathfinding. • New icon and splash screen. Other Bug Fixes • Fixed an issue where tutorial dialogue could appear over the end of match scoreboard. • Fixed issue causing knights to wander off. • Fixed issue with game ending if zoomed out. • Fixed issue where fog of war might not return if unit destroyed. + more behind the scenes improvements. Please continue to provide feedback and I will work hard to try and improve :) -Andy


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